14 Day Self Care Series

Do you want to elevate your style and don’t know where to start? You’re probably following some fashion girlies on Instagram and still don’t know what to do. This blog features some easy and basic steps you can take to start to elevate your style. So get ready to follow along and adopt each new idea to help you elevate your style.

Wear clothes for the right occasion

What do I mean by this?

Buy gym clothes for the gym, nightwear for sleep, outside clothes for outside, and so on. When you adopt this approach, you feel more aligned when getting dressed. You probably have shirts you didn’t like anymore but you decided it could be a workout shirt instead. This can be a temporary solution, yet wearing the appropriate clothes for the occasion will change your attitude dramatically and build your confidence.

Think timeless not trendy

Shopping for the current trends will always keep you shopping. I highly suggest owning clothing that can last you through different seasons and occasions.

Dress with Intention

When you get dressed, create your capsule wardrobe, or buy new items keep in mind who you desire to be. What are three words that define your style? How do you envision other people seeing you? Rather than just putting on clothes, get dressed. It’s true that when you look good you feel good so when you get ready dress with intention.

Buy quality pieces.

There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of clothing, and a week later your clothing has a ripped seam, a hole, or a missing button. When you shift to purchasing quality pieces you’ll have a wardrobe that was crafted with care to last.

Create a capsule wardrobe

I’m sure you’ve heard the term capsule wardrobe but if you haven’t, it’s a collection of essentials that can be used with everything else you wear. The easiest way to get started with a capsule wardrobe is to adopt a color palette. When your wardrobe has a color palette, every item you own fits together effortlessly. With a capsule wardrobe, you can say bye-bye to those floral leggings you only wore once or that pretty shirt that just doesn’t seem to go with anything.

Dress for Your Body Shape

Dressing for your body shape is a simple change you can make to help you look your best without much effort. If you’re interested in learning your body shape, there are many tests on the internet to help you find your body shape.


If you want to elevate your style, these ideas will help you get started without too much overwhelm. I personally try to incorporate all these ideas when shopping, dressing, and crafting my wardrobe.